Hi there!
It’s just two weeks to our first public demo showcase, so we’re working hard to get everything together and to finalize the version!

Although this week consisted mostly of fixing bugs of all kind, we managed to get our Scenario for the demo version a large step ahead. Furthermore, we’ve been working on Assets and on the Terrain

Mother Cell

The mother cell is the core of your colony! It not only serves as the central command station, but also generates the first set of microbes for you to get started. Its large amount of health helps it to withstand attacks of most kinds – don’t forget, if it dies your colony dies as well!

The concept art of the mother cell.
The concept art of the mother cell.

Above you can see the concept art that we drew up this week and below the current work-in-progress model. The materials are mostly missing, but it’s already looking quite good!

The current state of the work-in-progress mother cell.
The current state of the work-in-progress mother cell.


Here’s what a fully uncovered map in the showcase might look like:

The hexagonal map of Bio Colonies. Visible are multiple different Biomes and the spawn-platform in the center.
An example world of Bio Colonies. You can see the different Biomes and the spawn-platform.

The world generates in a hexagonal shape and has multiple Biomes. In the example above, the green one is the Acid Biome, which is impossible to walk or build on for your forces. Furthermore, you can see the (oversized) spawn-platform with a Placeholder-Model for the Mother Cell on top of it

In the future, Biomes could be used to boost stats and provide protection/advantages for the colony.

Next Steps

For the showcase in two weeks, all that’s left are the remaining models/textures for cells, microbes and bots and a ton of bugs for us to fix.
Until Next Week!