Hey there!

This week we continued to try to make the game playable and created new assets. Some of which we want to show off in this blog post!

New Cells

As we said last time, we wanted to make the new cells a bit more organic. Below you can see the first two results of that. While these are all work-in-progress, these will be the models we’ll use for the showcase in Vienna next month.

We are definitely not happy with the designs yet, especially with the materials. We’ll try to fix these after the showcase and before the public demo. However, these models already give a good idea in what direction this should go.


The Dispatcher Cell is an important cell pretty early on. It’s a small container which automatically sends out microbes to blueprints. This will make life much easier when building cells.

The thought process behind this cell was that it should be a container, but with an attached brain making the automated actions. The pipes below acts as pillars as well as exit and entry for microbes.

A hollow cell on top of pipes with a digital brain attached to it.
The Dispatcher Cell.


Fat will be one of the early resources in the game. It’s used for basic energy generation and used as building blocks for cells. It will spawn in chunks on the ground and can be harvested with microbes and mining camps.

We orientated ourselves with how actual fat clumps look like in the human body. We didn’t nail it completely, but it’s good enough for the first iteration of the cell.

A yellow clump of fat covered by a net.
The Fat Resource Cell.

Other Stuff

Additionally, we made new textures for the terrain to replace the current “missing texture” and wrote down a couple of ideas for more cells. The next cell we want to create the core of the base, the Mother Cell. We also want to get some first microbes done.

Look forward to seeing these next week and by following us on Twitter!

See ya!