Hey there!

This week we started working on the HUD, did background work on the save and load system, and continued the journey to find fitting assets…

Progress on the HUD

We started the implementation of the HUD and most of the features already work! In the screenshot below (ignore the missing textures and models…), you can see the current state of the HUD.

In the top left, you see your overall count of microbes. In the bottom left, you have the action buttons, which house the most important menus and start actions. In the bottom right, you can find the selection panel, which displays all information about the selected entity, including type, health, contents and more.

A scene of the game with a list of microbes on the top left, multiple buttons on the bottom left, and an overview of a selected cell in the bottom right.
The status of the HUD as of now.

More Cell like Cells

So, we have already posted a couple of designs for the cells so far (last week for example). However, we’re still evolving our art style and realized that we should probably make our cells, well, more cell-like.

So this is what we’re trying to do. Below you can see the initial model for the Breeder Cell. An early cell which will generate microbes. We don’t want to remove the technological part completely, but add a bit more of the “organic” feeling.

A pink organic cell with 3 metallic and glowing stands.
The current model of the Breeder Cell.

Additionally, there are multiple changes planned in the rendering which should stylize the assets much more and make them look more pretty. But sadly, this will take a while as Unity’s Lightweight Render Pipeline and Shadergraph doesn’t officially support something like this yet, and we probably need to implement it on a lower level.

So, expect more radical changes in the upcoming months!

See ya next week!