Hi there,
We spend most of this week on finding/fixing bugs and finalizing the UI. We now have a target for the first Bio Colonies version in sight and tell you what we still have to implement to get there!

We’re going to participate at this year’s Play Austria event on June 13th, so our main goal is to get assets (mainly models and graphics) done and the game “playable” as soon as possible. If you have time, come and meet us there!

As mentioned in the last research log, getting a model from imagination into the game isn’t an easy process. We are aware that they won’t be final on June 13th, but at a state which should be acceptable to us

We see this as an excuse to get the whole team into at least basic 3d modeling. Zeknir, our artist, is going to create all concept arts and will also finalize the models created by us.

Demo Version

Although we’re going to have a functional version at the Play Austria event, this is not our demo version yet. The main reason for that is that we want to implement feedback from this event and fix most bugs before.
However, until we run into something major, it’s not going to be long until the “real” demo!

Container Cell

However, we managed to get a model to an acceptable state this week, the Container Cell! This cell provides storage for microbes of all types.

A comparison between the concept art and the finalized model.
From concept art to the “final” model – The Container Cell!

Things Missing

With about a month to go until Play Austria, these are the biggest things that we still have to implement:

As you can see, we have a lot to do in this month. However, there are still some more things needed for the demo version.

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Until next week!