Hi, everyone!

It’s been another week, in which we managed to get our first 3d model for the game to an halfway acceptable state. There are still some things to improve, change, or add, but it seems like a good first step towards the first version!

Before I give too much details here, here’s the cell:

Early version of the 3d model of the Mining Camp Cell.
Here’s the first version of the Mining Camp cell 3d model. It’s far from final.

This model represents our Mining Camp cell, which is going to act as a hub for microbes mining/extracting resources from nearby sources.

We’re all pretty new to 3d modeling and have had no real experience from before. Getting this far induced a huge learning curve within the team and let our motivation grow tremendously.

Concept art of the Mining Camp cell.
The concept art of our Mining Camp cell.

Before modeling the cell, we created a small concept art to get a better idea of what the cell could look like. Here we split it up into 3 sections. The “processing” section with the gears, the “organic” section, and the “storage” section with the glass container. While we did end up going with a different layout, in the end, the general idea remained the same.

We use blender as our modeling software and import the model during run-time. The models are imported with the new glTF 2.0 format with the help of our own importer. We have already talked about this importer in Research Log #13.

Expect some more images soon!

See ya next week!