Hey there!

This week we spent most of our time on finishing up things and fixing our internal systems. Today, we’ll mainly talk about Blood Processing, which is going to be the main focus of the demo for Bio Colonies.

Blood Processing

First, keep in mind that we’re just game developers and not biologists, so our interpretation of the human body and its functions might not be fully accurate and sometimes wrong (mostly for game design reasons). Also, as usual, this is still a work-in-progress.

So, what is blood processing? To answer this question we have to first know what blood is. We researched that topic last week to gain some more insights and get some ideas for Bio Colonies. Turns out, it’s a lot!

The blood seems to be kinda like a general resource transport and delivery system for the body. It mainly carries oxygen through the body, but also various other things like sugar and platelets.

A diagram showcasing the planned blood processing.
A diagram showcasing the planned blood processing.

So, the colonies of Bio Colonies will use that to their advantage and hijack the blood flow. By using Injectors, players will be able to extract blood from the ateroes. The fresh blood is then separated into three different components. This is called Blood Fractionation.

Each of these can then be further processed to gain resources like Iron, Sugar, Oxygen, Platelets and more. However, these processes leave depleted blood behind. It’s just a waste product for the colony, but needs to be taken care of. To do this, an Injector is attached to veins and the depleted blood is sent back into the circulation.


Another system we implemented this week is the dispatcher. It will automatically deploy microbes to new blueprints.

Every cell that the player wants to build starts as blueprint. Then some resources need to be moved over there and then some worker microbes can construct them.

After a while, manually finding the resources and moving them will get tiresome, so we’ll provide a dispatcher cell. If a new blueprint is placed, the dispatcher will automatically send the required resources to the blueprint if the cell contains them.

That’s it for this week.

See ya!