Hello, people on the internet!

We’re DragonOverflow Studio, a group of three friends from Austria developing a new real-time strategy game called Bio Colonies. After we left secondary technical college, we used the possibility to launch an indie game development studio. Bio Colonies was originally our project for the school leaving exam, but the idea of an RTS with a unique setting and fresh concepts started to grow further and further. So, here we are, in a small office working full-time on this dream, while receiving funds from a public institution.

We want to bring some new ideas to this stagnant genre. The game takes place on a microscopic level inside the human body. Players take control of a colony of microbes, build a gigantic base and automate them to provide the resources necessary to defeat their enemies. With the addition of a campaign, multiplayer and custom scriptable scenarios, we will provide a good mix for every RTS fan.

A screenshot of the current Tech Demo.

Currently, we have a working Tech Demo, which is also what you can see in the screenshot. This is a test of our internal systems, which seem to be working quite well. This already includes our simulation engine, scripting backend, and data-driven elements. However, it is still a very rough draft of our final vision. So far the game is flat and still very buggy. We originally planned it to be a 2D-game, but this didn’t look as good as we expected, so we are working on entering the 3rd dimension and polishing up our systems right now.

We plan to regularly release weekly status updates (or, as we like to call them “Research Logs”) on this blog. Expect an in-depth look at our thoughts, processes, and progress on the game. Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest content and insights. We’re also listening on all channels for questions and feedback as want to build this game with the community in mind.

Let’s go and make a great game!