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Research Log #26 – First Demo Showcase and Future of the Project Published on June 14, 2019 by Caverntwo.

In this research log we talk about our first demo showcase and the future of the project. Changes are upcoming, but Bio Colonies will be continued!

Research Log #25 – Finalizing The First Demo Published on June 1, 2019 by Caverntwo.

After a week of mostly bug fixing, we take a look at the mother cell and it's design. Additionally, we can share some new images of our terrain generation.

Research Log #24 – New Cells Published on May 24, 2019 by Zeknir.

This week we take a look at two new cells, the Dispatcher and Fat Cell, their designs and 3d models, and the thought process behind them.

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About the Game The following content is taken from an early tech-demo!
Strategy on Microscopic Levels

Bio Colonies is a real-time strategy game about systematic base-building and futuristic warfare.

You'll embark in the strange world of the human body* and take control of an entire biological colony, construct a gigantic base, explore and utilize the environment, handle complex logistical contraptions, build fully automated production lines, fortify your center of operations, seek and destroy your opponents, and much more!

* Might not be scientifically accurate...

Build, Automate & Optimize

Cells, Microbes, Nanobots.
These are the foundations of your colony with the Mother Cell as the center of operations. Breeding and mining generate Microbes, which are used for building, power production, attacking, defending and much more. However, getting them to the right place at the right time can be tricky. Construct new cells to progress technologically. Assemble titans to handle special obstacles.

The more you grow, the higher your demands will become. To handle the complex logistics, use dispatchers to tell Microbes to move and automate entire production lines. Slowly but surely building a microscopic factory.

Battle in This Foreign World

During the construction of the base, you'll notice that you're not alone! Other organisms are here to annihilate every trace of your colony. You need to build defenses and prepare a battle plan.

To implement this, you'll have to explore your environment. There are Resources spread across the area, with some even hidden in underground caves. The harsh landscape acts as a great defense yet limits the space you can expand. Eventually, you'll be able to terraform the terrain's features in all three dimensions.

Personalize Your Gameplay

To conquer your opponents, you'll need to research new technologies along the way. By using advanced processes, your horizon of opportunities will expand. New cells, improved microbes, unique microbots, and useful upgrades open up new possibilities to overcome your challenges.

By utilizing the DNA Synthesizer, you can adapt your research tree and the available trunk of organisms. Recode your DNA by plugging in genomes and adapt it to your playstyle.

Compete Against Humanity

Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence, simulations, and bioorganisms. The hand-crafted campaign follows the story of an AI trying to understand its purpose, circumventing the sandbox and uncovering dark secrets.

Or challenge yourself online with friends or against the entire world. Enjoy a friendly custom game with your friends and strangers or try to rank yourself up against the elite of biological warfare.

Create Your Own Challenges

Once you get bored by the normal world of Bio Colonies, create your own!

Highly realistic processes, alien bodies, gene editing. Everything is possible. If you just want to play, download all kinds of unique challenges created by the community.

We provide an advanced in-game editor utilizing our powerful data-driven system with extensive Lua scripting support. This allows everyone to make advanced custom scenarios and easily share them over the internet through the Steam Workshop.

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You'll get exclusive previews, help to shape the final game, and be the first one to play it!

Who Are We?

We are

We're a small team of independent game developers from Austria who finished secondary technical college and are working on creating a great and innovative RTS game. Being dedicated gamers ourselves, we know that quality is the most important aspect of a game and we hope that we'll be able to give the genre some fresh concepts.

From July 2018 to March 2019, we've been in a funding project of the KWF, a public funding institute in Carinthia, and advised by the build! Accelerator. We're currently working part-time on the project.

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Current Team
Caverntwo Markus Kräuter
Project Manager Game/Core/Web Developer Web Developer
I didn't play a lot in my childhood – I have not even finished a single game before the age of 13!
In my freetime I do a variety of stuff, from 3d-printing to learning languages.
I'm the one that has the clear plan of what has to be done: Gameplay development, coding, smashing bugs, fixing this website, and keeping the project up are just some of my tasks.
Favorite Games:
Factorio, Minecraft, Bio Colonies (hopefully)
Lunasixx (anonymous)
  Sound/Music Freelancer  
I'm interested in making music since day one.
Some of my favorite genres to create are techno and game soundtracks.
Other than that, I'm a really enthusiastic programmer in the early years of my career.
My most favorite game series was and will ever be The Legend of Zelda!
Favorite Game Series:
The Legend of Zelda
Past Team Members
Zeknir Florian Marx
He's always been fascinated by games and already worked on some smaller projects before Bio Colonies. The initial idea of Bio Colonies was also from him. He was our creative director and artist and brought a lot of coding experience.
Worked with us until May 2019.
Traincraft Matthias Trinkl
He's always been a passionated gamer and likes strategy games in general. He supported Bio Colonies from the beginning on and worked on developing some important systems. Furthermore, he was responsible for everything marketing related.
Worked with us until October 2019.